Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Kids are why I buy cheap sunglasses.

They are why we have two keys missing from our remote. They were removed BY TEETH in case you were wondering.

And when you come to our house and need to use the bathroom you can tear your toilet paper off of the already existing PILE of toilet paper on our floor.

Zach worked this Mother's Day but it was still a great day. Chris and Kristi had everyone (including my mom) over for a cookout and we just had a generally good time. Reagan made me this oven mitt and "recipe" for a wonderful mom.

9 Gallons of Sweetness
100 Gallons of Braveness
90 cups of Helpful (or maybe that one wasn't a mistake)
A pinch of happy
90000 packages of power (again maybe he was intentional with the poooop)

"Mix in nice and helpful than fold happy and power and stir braveness and busy and add in sweetness and enjoy the best mom in the world."

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