Friday, August 1, 2014

Just Beachy

Pawley's Island 2014

I said before that Zach couldn't go with us this year (he won't be able to make it up to the cabin when we go next week either) and we really missed him. But having my family with me to help out made a huge difference. We kept Z updated with lots of picture texts and we only had one instance where he lamented "they're growing up without me" =) The beach was a hit for the little boys, sand is a great babysitter. Reagan only left the water to eat lunch. Most mornings the boys woke up way earlier than the rest of our group so I would take them on walks near the inlet. It was an awful way to start your day! ha

The next three pictures sum up what happens all day everyday in our house.

We had just the best little time ever. The 5 lbs of bacon we ate (I counted) didn't hurt either.

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