Thursday, August 21, 2014

Big 2nd grader over here

Reagan started 2nd grade on Monday! Our new house makes him a "walker/rider/picker-upper," his words not mine. So we walk to and from each day. We go on a great deal of walks anyway to cure me from staring at our walls all the live long day so this is right up our alley. The new house also meant he switched schools. Don't get me started on the three schools in three years guilt because I was feeling it pretty heavy. This should be the last for a while! In fact, on the way home from his first day he rattled off all of the kids he knew already from Awana, or Upward sports, or sunday school. Back when elementary schools still included 6th grade, Zach and I attended Prairieland as well. Despite not loving learning on the whole, he is having a great time. I will say, the little boys are missing him something terrible during the day though!

The night before school started we had our annual back to school feast with all of Reagan's favorites (steak, mac n cheese, fruit and mashed potatoes.) Our verse we focused on was Joshua 1:9. Our greatest accomplishment of the night was managing a family portrait via the camera's self timer. And if you can't tell by now, the boys are really into tickling Levi. Like tickle him in the eye ball into it, thanks to Shep. AND pay attention for some sneak peaks into an in-progress house project in the background ;)

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