Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Independence Day at the lake // where we've been

I know it is annoying to read about people being busy because everyone is busy, but I need to say the last few weeks have been equal parts stressful, exciting and fun. We closed on our new house June 26th and moved all that day and night. We were overwhelmed by the amount of help we received. Between muscles for moving, food delivered for nourishment and hands to care for our children, it was a team effort and we couldn't have done it without our AWESOME friends and family.  The following week we headed down to Lake of Egypt for the 4th of July to spend the long weekend with Zach's family. It very much felt like I was unpacking boxes to repack suitcases (gahhh what a horrible problem to have.) At the end of the weekend my mom drove down and met us where we then headed off to South Carolina with the three boys and Zach drudged back home for his regular work week. We had planned the vacation before Zach had gotten a new job and unfortunately he couldn't take off. I was thankful my mom could help me with the drive (we do it over night because my kids and day driving are a match made in horror.)  It worked out pretty well because Zach was able to get a bunch of house stuff done before we got back (pictures coming soon.) And by done I mean started and halfway finished but with the best intentions because he is truly the energizer bunny. Since returning it has been a lot of back to reality type things like finishing up all the change of address things and baseball and wow our house is a disaster and football evaluations (I'm serious Fall, you stay behind that corner.)

On with the pictures!

 Glamour shot. And this marks the summer that Reagan can't sit in front of me on jet ski's. I can't see over his head. Short mom problems. 

 The next series is entitled, "swimming with kids is super fun/totally relaxing/mostly getting kicked in the ____."

Chris got a charlie horse and until Kristi went and got him a banana we all just sort of stood around and watched him struggle. Then one of the grandkids threw their shirt in the water near the banks and we asked him to tread over and get it for us.

For an example of a cheap parent who is waiting until the end of the season to buy new life jackets see Reagan's epic wedgie picture above.

 The five grandsons (actually four, Jr. was sleeping) eating al fresco.

This was Roma's (and Irving's!) first time fishing. After he caught his first one he asked if there were any more down there!

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