Friday, September 27, 2013

Party of FIVE

The boys came to the hospital for a visit the day after Levi was born.  There was a good deal of rukas-making. As expected. But both surprised me with their gentleness. Shep loves to point out all of the baby's body parts and douses him in big sloppy kisses. And Reagan is very eager to over-share all about the baby; like announcing to his sunday school friends his mom would be heading to the hospital soon to get a baby out of her butt.

We gave Reagan a disposable camera again, like we did for him when Shepherd was born. We'll make him a little photo book of this experience too. It's something that means a lot to him, and since he has a tendency to get on a woe-is-me streak, it works well. I highly recommend doing this to get an older sibling involved!

Selfies were involved. 

And now for the pictures of my fine gentlemen. 

Let's start with the best one, first.

Then, "not impressed Reagan"

Ahh here we go, that's more like it. My main men.

After a rousing game of curtain hide and seek they went home and I stayed another peaceful night at Hotel de Bromenn.

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