Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sylvan Lake 2013 part 2

On the day of the turtle races, the men went golfing and the girls (plus my two boys) went into Nisswa. After spending the morning in town we realized it was too beautiful of a day to waste not on the water. Reagan was more than okay with skipping the turtle races if that meant he could be in the water more (I'm still not sure where he hides his gills/fins.) We headed back after making all the usual stops, basically the Totem Pole.

Many games of bags were played. Reagan took his prep very seriously. I actually played better with a child on my hip which we all deducted has just become my natural posture in life.

Frog finding. Alex slipped her foot into the boot of the ski and her toes found one in there... ick!

Chips and french onion dip, best served on the end of a boat.

This next 3-photo-series is entitled, "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter."



(And that's about as close as he came. He had no problem popping right up, but then he would get slack in the rope and sink/fall. Next year, next year...)


^^ And also, when did my cousin Evan grow up? ^^

I can't believe it's been over a month since we were at the lake! We had the best weather we've had up there in at least 3 years with just one rainy day (and even those are kind of nice, where you're forced to just stay in and do absolutely nothing.) The boys were at good ages this year too. Shepherd is old enough to swim/float around in the water and his sleep schedule is predictable and pretty solid. Reagan is a great little swimmer and so we never really need to worry about him around water (we still make him wear his lifejacket 99% of the time.) He is also up for anything and firmly believes he can do anything... along with a little adult-assistance of course.

Until next time Sylvan!

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