Monday, April 1, 2013

emily's baby shower

I should do a recap on this event since she's literally going to drop that baby out any day now!

Our Aunt Debbie and I hosted a vintage-y book-themed shower for Emily last month.

I became bffs with the librarian at the Normal Public Library and she just gave me the library cards because they use an electronic system now, then we slipped them into floral-y pockets that I made. Reagan was our printer man one day.


My uncle Bob (her dad) Grace secured one of the Bank of Pontiac's buildings and it was the perfect size for the crowd. Please notice the books with coordinating food items. 

Seriously. Pregnancy has never looked so good on anyone. Ever. 
I just saw her yesterday, at 39 weeks, and it's not fair how amazing she looks. 


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Anonymous said...

It was a great day and even better was the time we got to spend together planning and prepping! I've got the BEST nieces and nephews ever! Love, A. Debbie