Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter weekend was sort of crazy around these parts. But crazy fun too. Like I said earlier, that Friday Shep somehow got pink eye, so I ran around crazy for 24 hours sanitizing everything (since Easter lunch was being held at our house) and trying to pry Zach away from snuggling up to his face constantly. Then his dad stopped by and I had to chastise him for doing the same thing, it must be hereditary or something. But then again, those chubby cheeks... who could resist. Reagan also lost his third tooth and so Saturday night both the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy made visits. It was decided that the Tooth Fairy was probably jealous of the Easter Bunny because he only had to work one night out of the year and the Tooth Fairy was always on call. 

We did the Easter basket thing pre-church. Unfortunately, Zach used poor judgment and sprayed the silly string at themselves and they were left with a red rash on their necks/faces most of the morning. It was also fun to get off the ceiling. We all still learn lessons the hard way.

We had both Zach's mom and dad's side's over for lunch and my mom and brother too... that makes it about 27 people all together. With three tables in our dining room and two in our family room, it was a full house. But it seriously couldn't have gone any better. My favorite part was five boys under 6, they played so well and were so fun to watch.

(more silly string to kick off the hunt)

(Shep was sleeping and in regards to me, well I guess by the time you get to this point with the third it's reallllly obvious)

So many people were missing from this picture actually.

Then Shep finally woke up from his nap.

We finished off the night with the Meiner's at my Dad's. 

And an nice haphazard family picture to end with...


Kayla said...

Hey Ashley!! This is Kayla (Fletcher) Simons. I saw your blog on Instagram; absolutely the most precious little boys and family! I wanted to ask you where you got your couch?! I absolutely love it and we have been looking for one similar in color! Thanks :)

The Franzens said...

When you said, "when you get to this point with the third..." does that mean you are pregant? Sorry if you've already spilled that before, I usually keep up with your blog, but it has been awhile. If you are... CONGRATS! How exciting!! :D

PKYoung said...

I agree with what your friend said, are you pregnant?! Congratulations if you are!

Sambo said...

You and your matching family are cute I guess... :)