Monday, August 13, 2012


He passed, he passed, he freakin' passed!

Zach passed his final licensing test this morning! This last month he has had 4 tests to take (life, health, and two securities) and has been studying his little tush off. I'm so happy to have my husband back!

There's miles of difference between the faces in the photos above and below. Below was right before his site interview and above was his first day of agent training! I had to be present in the site interview (eek!) it went well but it was totally draining, as you can see below. Shep was just born and Gma & Gpa Shadoan were in town so they stayed with the boys.   

Luckily Shepherd did mostly this...

I can't believe how tiny he looks in those pictures, especially compared to the beast he is now.

 So basically he is an agent intern for the Rockford area. Which means for the next year he will be getting licensed and training here at the IOC and then if an agent in the Rockford area has something happen to them (keels over or goes into leadership) then he will take over their book of business. We are SO SO proud of him!!

First day of Agent training- Reagan 5 yrs, Shepherd 5 weeks. He has to wear a suit & tie everyday now and my eyes are not complaining.


Sarah'sSmile said...

Does this mean a move to Rockford someday?

PKYoung said...

Congratulations!! I'll be losing my husband soon, he's studying for his CFA exam...oh how fun it is! Also I love Shepherd's onesie! I love it when there's little things on their bums!!