Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Reagan has started tball with BNBA, we really like this program. Zach actually did it growing up. They have a good combination of working on the correct skills but still do fun stuff like games. Although neither his individual nor team photos are amazing, it kind of is better this way because it makes it that much more a "classic" tball picture. The parents were laughing so hard while they were taking the team one.

This picture kills me because the way he's standing is exactly how Zach used to stand; with his glove propped up on his hip like that. 

In these next two photos you can see a certain chain of events. Reagan here is the third little boy in red rounding the bases. You can see him starting to deviate from the base path.

 And here, not so subtly, skipping third (and two teammates) and heading home...

He never has a shortage of supporters either =)

Zach & his sister Sofie

(Great) Gma Darlene

(Greats) Gma & Gpa Meiner

(Greats) Gma & Gpa Shadoan

So if you're ever in need of some good entertainment any Tuesday or Thursday morning, come check us out =)

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