Friday, February 10, 2012


So the news on the street is we have a five year old now. Excuse me while I lock myself in my room to cry. We had kindergarten night Monday night. Kindergarten night! I can't can't can't believe it.  If this child turns out to be a girl I don't know what I'm going to do with them because I put together legos all day and point out garbage trucks while driving whether Reagan is even in the car with me or not! I had to convince him this week that he couldn't bring a 3-foot wooden sword to Sofie's volleyball game. Last night he asked us what bad guy heaven is called? Zach said hell, then he asked what they do all day there and we were stumped. (Burn in a pit of fire? Sit alone in darkness? Hell is not as fun to explain as Heaven.)   

We decorated his bedroom the night before, then waited in the hallway outside of his door the next morning so we could see his reaction when he woke up (nerds.) After that I took him to Krispy Kreme The Doughnut Factory to watch donuts being made on the assembly line (so cool!) and then we took them into his class for snack (birthday treats are hard to come up with when they eat them at 9:30 am.)

We had a mac n cheese bar (per his request and thanks to pinterest) that night with buffalo mac n cheese, beer mac n cheese, and then plain with add ins like ham, bacon and hot dogs. Then he asked for a vanilla cake, with vanilla frosting and vanilla ice cream. I made some marshmallow fondant and then gave him food coloring pens to draw on the top of it with.

Thank you to everyone who wished him a Happy Birthday!!!! He had a grrrreat one.

I also need to make myself a note to reread the end of this blog on raising boys like twice a day. And this one too.

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Catherine said...

So cute. Sounds like a great birthday!

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