Friday, November 18, 2011


What your birthday looks like when your old...

5 am- son wakes you up because he's completely soaked, first time in I don't know how long he's had an accident. Maybe someone didn't make him go to the bathroom before bed?

6 am- husband leaves to start insulating the attic in the new house with father-in-law Chris & bff Tony.

8 am- take opportunistic shower while son eats/watches a show

All day long- do laundry, washing sheets that were wet and throwing in ours because I fell asleep eating chocolate again.

Lunchtime- take Chik-fil-a to the hardworking fellas thanks to my connected mom

3 pm- think about if I want to get Zach a present for his birthday today

6 pm- eat pizza and ice cream cake with our rents and siblings at our new house on lawn chairs and picnic blankets

9 pm- bedtime

My mom tried to have the house on the cake look like ours! Even though the stick-figures make it look like it's an african american family moving in, we're still white. 

Loved it, and def wouldn't change a thing! I'm excited to be 24. I also like saying my husband is 24, it makes him sound older/more distinguished (ha.)

One more year 'til we're quarter of a century! Collar!

Get it? Like, holla! Yep still white.

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