Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's combine time

I took Reagan out to Colfax and Aunt Fleta's last week because Grandma & Grandpa Meiner were going to be at the farm and Reagan has a crazy fascination with all things tractor.

He was in HEAVEN when Lonnie pulled up in the combine. Him and Grandpa climbed up the ladder and then they were gone!

The whole way home he jabbered away about riding next to Curt and getting to push the button to unload the corn into Curt's trailer. Then he declared that he was changing his go-to answer of "what he wants to do when he grows up" from pilot/engineer to pilot/engineer/farmer. He prayed once before dinner for the combines and then again for the combines before bed.

So yes, an experience to remember!!

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SAM said...

Love these! His favorite tractors in ISU's homecoming parade were definitely the John Deere tractors! And made his own combine at home this weekend with a ribbed-handled screwdriver taped to the front of a bi-plane! gotta love his imagination!