Sunday, September 25, 2011

We're soon to be homeowners, pinch me

Sooooo..... a couple weeks ago we bought a house!!! The feeling was similar to how it felt when we brought Reagan home from the hospital: 

"You're really going to let us take him?... you're not going to stop us?... okay we're really doing it... (walking slowly and looking over our shoulders) no really, we're getting in the car now.... now we're driving away.... "

It's off of Normal Ave. in Normal. I can't make these things up! 

We drive by it only like every day. And funnily enough we keep running into Zach's parents during our drive by's because they live a couple blocks away and like to spy on it as well.

Lots more details to come! If everything goes as planned we're set to close November 14th.

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Anonymous said...

Sooo excited for you all! Can not wait to see it! November 14th hum?? Thanksgiving at the William's house? I'm sure you'll have everything set up and ready for all of us by then right??? LOL
Love, AD