Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lake 2011

Alright, here is your forewarning that this post has a lot of pictures!

Paddle boating

Drew, Evan, Dad & Zach


See the green football?

Lifejacket diaper
Air guitar extraordinaire 

Drew- wake boarding

Reagan tried skiing, I was really proud of him for trying. True to form, he didn't nail it on the first try and got mad at his 4 year old self. Zach much?

Baths in the lake

"Oven" & Reagan

Evan & Aunt Debbie

Debbie was introduced to her new vice: Rummikub... and of course we played it on the deck as to achieve our golden bronze tans simultaneously, however there was the time a tile was dropped between the deck and grandpa had to take off a whole board to retrieve it for us.

My hair looks like this 97% of the time on vacation. I don't even think I packed a brush this trip. attractive.

Tubing his little heart out...

Awesome trip, ready to go back!

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