Thursday, August 25, 2011


Fishing off Bobbie & Billy's dock shortly after waking up (shout out to Bobbie!!)
Pajamas need not match at the lake.

Drew, Evan and my dad went golfing early one morning (as to not miss any afternoon time on the lake of course!) and so Grandpa took Zach out fishing. Debbie grabbed these two morning-fog pictures while I might have been still sleeping.

And here's Reagan posing with what they caught... one lonely fish =)

Debbie and I took Reagan out in the fishing boat, with her waving off all of my apprehension. Turns out she does know how to drive it! We made it back, but even if we couldn't drive it back... the wind would have drifted us in seeing as how we didn't bring an anchor! Fishing pros we are. We also proceeded to take really flattering pictures of each other and so those won't be surfacing the internets.

Yep still fighting the smile battle.
We thought fishing off the dock would suffice for the rest of the trip... it was much more lucrative and that way Reagan could also run down to show "his neighbors" his catches (shout out to Curt, Vicky, Rosemary & the kids!)

One evening the boys took Grandpa out fishing and Debbie, Grandma, Reagan and I went to the county fair (that post to follow!) Drew & Dad caught these plus a few more...

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