Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Reagan's been keeping busy with swim & golf lessons lately. I'm one step ahead of you, golf lessons? Yes. The plan was to have him do soccer and t-ball but we moved here too late and everything was full but golf.

My family is mildly golf-obsessed so they were fully supportive in this endeavor. Good news: he tolerated it!! No really, I was worried about how long he would last but he paid attention/followed directions for a good majority of the time (at least after I corrected the teacher and said his name wasn't Raiden and also after I told him sternly that putters couldn't be made into guns.)

The last few weeks he's also been taking swim lessons! These have been hilarious to watch. And since Drew lives so close to this pool he walked over to watch today which was fun.

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Anonymous said...

He's so cool! Got the typical golfer stance...leaning on the club! LOVE IT!
Aunt Debbie