Friday, June 17, 2011


Now that we are basically all settled in at my mom's house for the time being and I've passed my registry exam, I feel like I can breath and reflect a little on the past few years. We've lived on a college campus in pretty much one way, shape, or form for pretty much our whole marriage, so this next stage of our lives is going to take some adjusting.

I griped about Judson a ton but it really did treat us well and we wouldn't have met so many great people if it weren't for them so I'm glad we choose to go with JU in the end. It's hard to believe that we were 20 and had a 1 year old and moved to a totally new place where we didn't know hardly anyone.

Scratch being just glad, I'm definitely happy we did it and even though it was hard, it made us a better family so I wouldn't change anything.

Some things I'll miss...

  • Campus walks. This campus was so pretty no matter what season. Here's a photographic depiction of one of our daily walks taken last fall...

(That big orange building was the library and was directly behind where we lived so you could probably see the top of it in a lot of our pictures from our backyard.)

  • Moody Bible radio. Probably one of my most favorite things about living near the city. And once I realized I could download their app, I listen to it about twice a day. You know I love me some talk radio.

Things I will not miss...

  • Carrying flu saturated laundry down two sets of exterior stairs in winter blizzard conditions. And for that matter, I will never ever. ever. miss constantly scrambling/saving quarters. Plus the basement itself was just super creepy. For instance I found this in it once...

  • Carrying outside toys up and down basement stairs every time we wanted to play with them thanks to our new non-child friendly neighbors (of which Reagan kept referring to as "big momma.")

  • The kitchen. Mostly the oven that cooked everything in half the recommended time, had no light, no timer and no window.

  • The hill in our carpet Zach put in our first week there by trying to run cable to our bedroom. Two years later it's still there.


  • Increased driving capabilities. Just a reminder, our first trip up Zach made me drive to "practice," which resulted in me crying and us switching drivers on the interstate. Now I'll drive anywhere at anytime with minimal panicking.

  • Made new friends. And really great ones at that =)

It's good to be home!

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