Sunday, March 27, 2011

Barbershop 2

We just got home from spring breaking it in South Carolina, we had so much fun but I'm too tired to do all those pictures. I do, however, have these from my phone from before we left! (I had just gotten this polaroid app so I apologize if you get annoyed that they're all in this form.)

Shaitie invited us over to Shain's house for some dinner and then I begged Katie to school me on the art of hair cuttery. Zach and Shain both needed cuts so the timing worked out well. I'm so glad she's patient.

After dinner we threw on a movie to distract the child and then got down to business.

She even decked us out in authentic apparel! ("its the worst when hair gets in your bra")

Doing it to it.

Striking a pose afterwards... anyone notice the Paul Bunyan shirt?

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emily said...

Yes I noticed it!