Friday, March 11, 2011

American Legend: Paul Bunyan

I found these old Disney cartoons from the 40s and 50s about American Legends on YouTube... (think Paul Bunyan, John Henry, Johnnie Appleseed, etc.)

Reagan loves them all but his fav is definitely Paul Bunyan.

Little did he know that, until the age of 15, I made an annual trip to...

wait for it...

the Paul Bunyon Land of Brainard, Minnesota!!

The theme park was only a little ways away from the cabin so every summer during our trip to the lake, we'd have to stop by and pay tribute to Paul.

Paul back in the day...

Shortly before the park was torn down... to be replaced by a Sears.

The boot picture was mandatory. How did he always know our name?!

I'm so glad I was smart enough to buy Zach a t-shirt before Paul was torn down, he started coming up to the lake with us that next summer. That shirt was a great buy seeing as how he still wears it at least once a week. In the picture below, where Drew & I are babies, I'm sporting it... the best part, where it's tied on my hip most likely with a scrunchie, is cut off.

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Anonymous said...

Memories! One of these days, Ashley, we'll explain to you how the Big Guy knew your name! Ha! But thanks to Reagan, we all get to still enjoy turtle races at Nisswa! Another classic adventure!
Love ya. Aunt Debbie