Monday, December 27, 2010

Top Moments of Christmas Twenty-Ten

We got to spend lots-o time with family!

Reagan got roller-skates. In one word: hilarious.

Christmas eve morning (hence the no make-up), before we started to cook away, Grandma brought my mom and I two aprons she made for my great-grandma 40 years ago =)

Emily and I got our very own copies of the family tree! (Ignore my uni-bang)

My Grandma Shadoan helped me recover some pillows. I've been wanting to do this for ooh about 4 years now. Whole post on this to follow!

Chris & Kristi got Reagan... and Zach... and Drew nerf guns. It's been so much "fun" picking up all those nerfs!

Reagan got a suitcase and he wears it/pulls it constantly. At this moment it is "packed" and hanging on the front door to go see Reid (for next week.) Don't you dare call it a backpack, it's a "suitcase on his back." And yes, it's Toy Story... don't judge.

And other random pictures...

Ugh your so annoying Dad... (I have about 5 more pictures from here of Zach doing this and Reagan being unamused)

Handy trick! Tell your child the wall is falling and we need their help holding it up. Gets them to a.) stand in the same place for a period of time, b.) stop touching everything in sight.

Santa stuff!

"Yes! French onion dip!"

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