Wednesday, September 29, 2010


A long time ago I couldn't remember the words to some children's songs that I wanted to teach Reagan. Of course, like when I need to tie a tie for Zach, I turned to YouTube for help. I found a nice lady's children's songs channel and really liked it. She also had a christian home pre-school curriculum all set up that you could purchase a subscription for. I had been doing some minor research into light home pre-school information, but was bummed when I saw her program was only available per purchase.

Well some prayers were answered when I went back on her website a few weeks ago and saw she had made all her curriculum FREE!!

So it was time to set up school!

Here is Reagan helping carry in our poster board that was made into our calendar and weather dial.

And here we are doing some of our school work. Some of the lessons are guided online, so here Reagan is putting on his "good looking eyes."

I like that the program has the lesson plans all set up so my job is to just read and follow through with it. I really like how straight-forward everything is but still open enough for me to tweak to our own specifications. Before we begin the week and the next theme I just stop by the library and check out a few theme-related books. I really think this kind of thing is fun to do with Reagan and I'm excited to have something set up for him that is one on one. When I'm at school or clinical, Reagan goes to a preschool/lab school that is within mine, I do like it but I wanted something supplemental for him as well. When I first started talking to Zach about doing some type of home preschool, I think he interested but probably just more indifferent, now he's totally behind it and thinks it's really neat.

Still on the home-front but switching subjects a little...
google images pic

For some reason I declared that I would not buy any bread this semester and I would just make it all. Once I made this super "smart" pact with myself, I feel I can't go back on it and so I've been searching for the perfect recipe. I've used a different recipe each week and still haven't been sold on any of them. If anyone has a good sandwich bread recipe please let me know!

I'm expecting my world's #1 mother award in the mail any day now? lol

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PKYoung said...

Way to go with the preschool and bread! What's the website? Preschool up here cost a ridiculous amount of money.