Monday, August 9, 2010

What's up Wichita

We've been in Witchita this past week, there was a tournament there that Zach played in. My mom and Reagan were my road trip buddies.

We drove through the Flint Hills of Kansas... everyone knows millions of years ago Kansas and Oklahoma were covered in shallow seas therefore the area is now plentiful in limestone and shale, thus farming is impractical and cattle-ranching is the prominent agricultural activity.

(photo credit goes to Wiki wiki what pedia)

We really tried to take in Witchita during our downtime.... take that statement how you please.
(this game started at 11:30 pm)

We went to the Exploration museum because we heard they had the traveling Grossology exhibit. It was totally gross... but that's the point right??

Farting is all about vibration. Here they are at the flatulence simulator.

There was also a section where you were able to walk into a massive nostril. Reagan freaked when it sneezed and air blew all around us!

Match the smell to the body part?? Examples: armpit, foot, anus, mouth. Maybe grossest portion. Retract that, definitely grossest.

We also had fun trying out different hometown restaurants. I don't think we were ever disappointed!
Suggestions for the next time your in Witchita, Kansas: Scotch & Sirloin (steakhouse) and Bella Luna (mediterranean)

two high quality and all around excellent pictures of us eating
Does anyone else vote I should have gotten glare resistant glasses?

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Anonymous said...

Um seriously no more going out in public without the Anti-Reflective. I mean really. And how are your contacts, why are you wearing glasses????? A concerned eye doc wants to know.