Friday, May 14, 2010

Your momma

Mother's Day seemed like it lasted all weekend this year! We saw Zach's mom Thursday night because they came up here for Zach's senior night at one of the baseball games (oh yes, fyi, the season is still going even though they graduated like two weeks ago) and then after their games in Lincoln on Friday we went back home to spend the night and saw my mom. Reid and Zach schemed up a really great plan for Sam and I on Saturday night. They lined up one of the guys on the team (Tim) and his "mommy" as Reagan refers to her, also known as his girlfriend (Nicole), so the four of us got to go on probably one of our last double dates before they move =(

Unfortunately we forgot our cameras so the only picture I have from the night is this high quality cell phone picture of the two guys (ironic since it was our mother's day "gift".)

Sunday we ventured into the city to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo with... you'll never guess who.... the Hamblets! I'll spare you any and all animal pictures because let's face it, there's nothing more boring than seeing someone's crappy amateur animal pictures. Unless you catch an animal eating another animal in their cage, then that is the exception to the rule.

Except I did think that picture on the right of the lizard clinging to the glass was funny.

My husband can be handsome sometimes.

I promise, that picture of the four of them did not look that awkward when we took it. Reagan l-o-v-e-d the merry-go-round or carousel!

I'm going to put in writing that I think Mother's Day is one of my favorite holidays. I like that it is low-key, there is minimal presents so the focus is maintained and you get to do things your husbands might not normally agree to; the zoo being a perfect example.

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Anonymous said...

What a great set of husbands you two have! They've bonded so much they even have the same smile going on in the 4some pic! Glad you had a great weekend!
Love, Aunt Debbie