Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Us lately

So this is sort of the busiest time of year for us. It's the pinnacle of both our school semesters and the baseball season right now and there's lots of crazy going on. Here's a little update:

I'm finishing up my last semester at the hospital I started the program in and next month I'll move to another hospital and group of orthopodic offices as well as go from 2 days a week in clinical (classes at the school in between) to 3 days a week in clinical (still classes in between.) I'm not really looking forward to this change in life but it's a step closer to graduating so I think I can suck it up. Also my enema administration skillz are kickin'.

Reagan is such a smarty pants. Da weather be making him brown, which I heart, he's growing like a weed and is one of my favorite conversationalists.

The big news is that ZACH, my husband, is GRADUATING from COLLEGE. I'm not going to go into how proud I am because you'll get the picture once you see the aftermath of some waterworks in any/all of his graduation pictures. Go higher education. So that will be May 1st.

This last weekend Reagan and I met my mom in the city to visit Tricia, Urs and Charlotte, we got to see Kristi too. It was a great quick trip, Tricia is such a good host and little Charlotte is. a. doll. Somehow I took absolutely zero pictures which is a bummer. Also, let's pretend like my mom's wallet wasn't stolen on the subway.

I don't know why I haven't posted any pictures from this season yet, especially because we've had a good deal of friends and family come up to see Z's games. Here's several from the last few weekends:

my dad came up one Saturday to watch a double header...
He and Reagan flew a kite (which is a lot harder to do than I remember)...
Oh hi friends... please don't leave us
One of the games Z's parents made it up....
Tony's made it to a few as well
Our friend Erin is of course at most games to see Andy (both were at Heartland too) and I always love it because she wears Reagan out (or vice versa). Erin plays soccer here and she had Reagan running laps around the field, the soccer & baseball fields are adjacent to one another.
The guys on this team are beyond great with Reagan. They can steal him for a little bit after the game or during dinner and I never have to worry. He loves all of them like crazy too.
We decided to pay a visit to one of Tony's intramural baseball games one Sunday afternoon after church. I thought the boys looked cute-
me loving sleeping Reagan, but hating this angle the photographer insisted on doing


emily said...

Things I loved in this post.....

- kite pictures
- locy's (i believe is her name)sweater
- the fact that you circled tony instead of saying he's the catcher
- the photographer's idea of a pictre i bet NOBODY has taken :)

love you!

Sheila said...

uh, think the cameraman may have been "focusing" on something besides his sleeping son :)!