Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weekend happenings

This weekend Reagan and I took a quick trip back home. I was so proud of him! This was our first extended time in a car only wearing big boy underpants. He did great! He let me know when he needed to go and did awesome holding it until we could get to a gas station. He was ecstatic that he got to go in a gas station! He did fantastic coming home too, both times we only needed to stop once and he gave me plenty of forewarning/held it in like a champ! But really, we've come a long way and we are totally rocking potty training right now. In your face, diapers! I thought this day would never come. But turns out, if I would have really thought this through like an old pro of a parent I would have known that, my child; my strong-willed and tenacious child; wasn't going to potty train on anyone else's watch. It was going to be on his time and when he was ready. Duh!! Other people can potty "train" their kids, I think I needed to just potty "let-go-with-the-flow."

That was a total mom thing to blog about.

Reagan loves having his window down and Saturday was such a beautiful day that we kept the windows open on our drive home. R loved feeling the wind on his hand, it never got old to him.
That night we had a long overdue mom/daughter double date night with Ms. Mitzi and Stephanie. We made dinner and they brought dessert. While we consumed girl scout cookies, diet coke/diet dr. pepper, and thin mint ice cream, we discussed why our friendships are a perfect match and caught up on each other's lives. Oh and fed each other cookies.

Drew took this really great one of everyone smiling and me talking.
By the end, my butt hurt in a good way because we sat around that table chit chatting alllll night long. And I mean all night, none of us are early birds.

Since Emily's birthday was on Friday I wanted to see her but our trip being so rushed/short and her working schedule meant I resorted to just stalking her at her work. We have officially seen Emily working more than I have seen her in recreation =( This needs to change.

I took this picture of R and Drew on Sunday before we all left to go back to school.

We put up some St. Patty's Day decorations. Did you know Williams is the 3rd most popular surname in America behind Smith and Jones. We're not Irish, that I know of, so I felt unsure putting them up. Is it false representation? Oh well, here is a picture:

(Reagan actually took that one)

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Sheila said...

Great hanging out with you this weekend!

thought of Reagan earlier today -- it was a beautiful day, and had to have my hand outside the window!!

Can't wait for our next double-date!! Let's not wait so long between dates!