Monday, March 1, 2010

3 year stats

This week we had Reagan's 3 year well check up with our family doc and his 3 year well check up with his dentist. We got good feedback from both! No "sugar bites" as the dentist called them, or cavities, and we didn't have to hold him down as much as we did for his 2.5 year. Progress! Here are the stats from the pediatrician:

Height: 39 inches

Weight: 35 lbs

So that means in the last 6 months he's grown 2 inches and gained 5 pounds! His body is definitely showing the difference!

-I'm loving that he says "ugh! I'm frustrated." now but not so much loving that he rolls his eyes and sighs heavily when we (the parents) "annoy" him

- he would be thrilled to eat only kettle cooked potato chips and french onion dip for the rest of his life. Every other morning, he retrieves the jar of dip from the fridge and wakes me up by pushing the dip across my pillow, asking me to open it.

-recognizes most letters of the alphabet and despises sharing his letter R with other words

- recently taught himself to do somersaults

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Sheila said...

We know where he gets his love affair with the french onion dip!!!

Miss our big boy!!! Can't wait to see him again (and of course, his wonderful parents :)!