Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hodge Podge

Finals are over, we can all breath now!! It feels so good! One more day of clinical for this semester and then we are going to head back home. I'm not even dreading that last day so much because the hospital I am scheduled at is moving (the entire hospital; including a grandiose ambulance parade of those lucky-duck inpatients) so it should be pretty fun- especially because this one:
> won't be over a 103 years old
> will have air-conditioning and heat in every room, hallway, and tiny little crevice
> all beds and portable equipment will fit through all doorways
> it will be off of a well-lit, highly-populated street... not a 'suspicious' corner of town

I guess this is a pretty big deal because hospitals don't just up and move very often, for sure not in the last hundred for this one.


We talked to Tony on Skype the other night because he had just gotten a new computer... I'm sorry did I say we talked to Tony, I meant to say we talked to Harry Potter.

But then he got tired so we let him go.
Now my mom is going to be mad that we skyped with Tony but haven't gotten a chance to skype with her yet. I can't believe we skyped behind her back. Ahh, the pain and remorse of skype-guilt.

Anyway, so we saw Tony in the real life all day today. A big topic of conversation was that Zach and I started P90X. It was actually my Christmas present but sometimes when people hid Christmas presents with Christmas decorations it makes them pretty easy for the recipient to find. Besides the fact that it makes every muscle in my body feel like juicy crock pot meat that just falls off the bone I really like it. After the pull up bar was spotted, competition quickly commenced.

Sidebar: funny how the actual competition lasts just about the same amount of time as agreeing on what the rules should be.

Reagan got in on the action...
We had to measure ourselves and take "before" pictures to show our swan transformation at the end of the 90 days when we complete the program. Sometimes the measuring got a little creative... (?)

We ate Chili, made cookies and had a jolly good ole time.


Some recent photography by Reagan:

Jason- another one of our top notch babysitters/teammates

Daddy and baby Locy Jesus (as he refers to the baby in his Nativity set)

and now picture about 50 more of just the cushions of our couch and that completes his portfolio.


My mom is having a fit because she hasn't been up here to see little decorations I've put up here and there so I took these pictures for her...
I made this sign for our house last week.

It replaced these Fall-ish hands with our names on them...
there, ya happy now?


On the agenda for Christmas break:

} Baking party with the Meiner girls Freeday
} Meiner Christmas on Sunday
} Christmas with the Williams'
} SOUTH CAROLINA to see the Shadoans (!!!!)
} eating lots
sticking with P90X to compensate for all the eating
} playing lots
} laughing lots

i CaNNoT WaiT!!

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Sheila said...

crack me up......

1) Mamma would be skype-jealous, except for I get the real live-in-person(s) thing for the next couple of weeks....and am counting the hours, thank you very much. and
2) yes, the online decorative pics will satisfy me until after the holidays when I will still be genetically pre-dispositioned to pay your new abode a personal visit
3) Drew needs some of your cute deco signage for his Champaign bachelor pad.