Friday, July 10, 2009

If you haven't figured it out by now, I can get a little picture happy

Last Friday (7/3) our cousin Kristi got married in Chi-town. Zach's parents, Chris and Kristi, were kind enough to watch Reagan for me so it was just the original 4 members of my family who went in.

We got into the city a little early the day of the wedding so we walked around and got something to eat before we needed to start getting ready.
Conquering the stairs, apparently we're all really out of shape
Sibs at lunch, fyi I am older.

They had a trolley take us from the hotel to the wedding. Our hotel was beautiful, right on the river! There was a deaf convention going on the weekend we were there, it was amazing having all of these people in the lobby but it being relatively quite. I'm also not quite sure how I didn't realize this until my dad pointed it out but it was not only a deaf convention, but a GLBT deaf convention. How that didn't occur to me when the man before me in line had a "Deaf Leather-boy" motorcycle vest on, I do not know. The ceremony and reception were both on a rooftop downtown. It worked out perfectly because Navy Pier had fireworks go off that night and we could see them just great from the reception. Here are my aunts (Debbie and B) on the trolley.

Obviously prepared.
In case Kristi ever reads this, I think her photographer thought Drew and I were "an item" so he took a few pictures of us posing together-- aaannnd I made Drew put his arm around me to play along. I'm sure you'll want those in your album ;) ;)

Newlyweds!! Ryan & Emily
I just like this picture for some reason. Like it's totally normal to take care of kids on a roof in formal attire...

My dad and a hasidic Jew

Us and the bride's parents (the baby is theirs) (their grandchild)
Tricia, me, Kristi and Drew. When we lived in New Jersey way back when, these two came out a few summers to babysit us by day and hang with my parents by night. They were troopers!

Such a pretty night!!! Thanks for inviting us!


Drew said...

I'm tanner than you.

Nancy Face said...

Love the pictures!