Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reagan asked where Paul Bunyan was today

Sunday was this pretty young thang's birthday!!

Grace!!! She turned 8 and had her 1st Communion. I didn't get to go, but my mom gave me these pictures of their "mini-photoshoot" they had. She is just the prettiest, tiniest, most charming little girl. Loves the color purple and absolutely anything that is girly. She also has the best voice ever, pretty much like a mouse on helium. I also wish most of her clothes came in adult versions because they are always so gosh darn cute. She has a pair of orange, gladiator-style jelly shoes... whaaa? Not fair! I remember going to the hospital right after she was born. They must have been changing the room her and Aunt B were staying in and so some one told the boys the room number they were going to move to. I remember all of the cousins wheeling Grace (the few-hour-old baby) down the hallway, thus taking care of transporting her to the next room without her mother and/or any adults nearby.

That's a baby Reagan she's holding above

I love her SO mucho mucho!!!

Other things of note...

Zach finished his junior year of college Friday. I never thought we'd be this close to almost being DONE with school! It's so close I can taste it.

I had my season opening sunbathing session yesterday while Reagan was taking his nap.

Reagan understood the "let's put our listening ears on" speech I gave him yesterday and it totally worked. Score!

I cannot stop laughing about this (warning... it is really, really raunchy. Not intended for small children or those that are easily offended). 

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