Monday, May 11, 2009

Anniversary minus 1 month

Friday (the 8th) Zach surprised me and organized a quick trip into the city. Our anniversary is next month (the 8th), but he'll be gone, so he decided to celebrate it early. He conspired with Sam and she stole Reagan early in the afternoon so we could hop on the train.
Zach set up The Office for us to watch on our way there plus some snacks to munch on, perrrfect. We walked around a little bit once we got in and then decided we were hungry and needed a late lunch.

We chose to eat outside because our favorite past time is people watching and we had the prime location right across from Millennium Park. (by the way we ate at The Gage, and it has THE BEST hamburgers known to man)
What is that? Oh yeah, just Segway Skool.
Da' Bean
I want to take Reagan to this part of Millennium Park. There's two of these that face each other and they spit out water, you can just run around in all of the puddles. It looked like so much fun!
{Insert some shopping}
Then we had to stop by the Apple store to charge Zach's phone/pretend we were interested in the iPhone.
Zach let me pick pretty much whatever we did, but he did insist on getting some ice cream, yum-o!
Then after a few missed trains we finally made our way back home at a way too late hour, where I proceeded to force us to get off the train (apparently) 1 stop too early... and therefore walk 2 miles back to our car.... in the pouring rain... through the ghetto. It really wasn't all that bad, more of an adventure than anything. 

We are SO thankful for the Hambo's, we could say they basically raised him due to the amount of time they watched him that day. It was so nice to spend the day with Zach and have no agenda that needed to get done.  Good job Zach. I love you- happy anniversaire!

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Nancy Face said...

Happy ALMOST Anniversary! What a great day, and great pictures! You two are so darn cute together! :)