Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend at home

We went back home to Bloomington this weekend. We were really anxious to see our parents and to visit our Church, we haven't found one we are too crazy about here yet. 

My mom found this "leash" in the company classifieds for Reagan... It has a really cute puppy on the back that Reagan likes to bark at. I'm not sure if I'm ready to use this in public yet though... 
I wanted my mom to take a picture of Zach and I in the outfits we wore to church because they are what Grandma Shadoan sent home for us when my mom visited them. Supa cute :) Then I just added the picture of Reagan because I got him dressed and realized a little while later that I put both of his poor little legs in the same hole, therefore giving him his very first skirt :( I like this picture because it looks like he's going "Hellloooo! Mom! Can you do something about this?!"
It was so nice seeing everyone, now back to the daily grind...

Oh by the way, Reagan got bit today at school!! His poor finger/hand. They were riding in the buggy car (imagine a stroller that carries 6 children, 3 rows of 2 seats) and his partner sitting next to him chomped down on his hand! Honestly though, I've haven't been upset about it because I figured he would do it to another kid before someone else did it to him... I know bad, right? He's not a biter per say, but he can get a little slap happy and let some bites slip. I also know the other mom feels horrible, I sure would! It was a little crazy signing an official incident report. This is definitely not something we ever had to deal with at Grandma Darlene's!!

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