Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm bbAAAaack!

I haven't really talked to much about the place we've moved into. To give you a little visual- it is a duplex, but from the front it looks like one house.

On the first floor is a nice size family room, a kitchen that has a crap-ton of cabinets and a itsy bitsy half-bath. The kitchen is accented with this beautiful tile. It is so modern and sleek... yeah, sure that's what it is.
Off the back door is a little enclosed patio that we keep our bikes in.

The second floor has Reagan's room (which is a nice size), a beautifully outdated bathroom and a long master bedroom (which has two closets- score!).

Ironically, I really like the wallpaper!

(Reagan in our bed, his favorite spot in the whole house)

Reagan's new toddler bed (which isn't working by the way).
He mostly likes to "play" sleep in it, which he is doing in this picture.

The basement, which resembles a man's smoking den in a wooden lodge and also satisfied the previous owner's love obsession with shelves, and it is where we put most of Reagan's toys. It works out great as a toy room and then in the back has a laundry room (complete with real life laundry shoot!)

This is the backyard... the land gnomes may scare small children but I like to think of them as some of Reagan's new friends. This is just one side of the backyard!

One of the three gnomes above may be politically incorrect. Can you guess which one?
A little bit about our landlords: One, they actually lived in our side of the duplex for 25 years before moving to a house next door a few years ago. They spent most of their days keeping up our yard, theirs and a huge garden from which they give us more fruits and vegetables than we know what to do with. They're in their 70s. They are anal about making sure we lock our doors, I went for one short walk and didn't lock the door once and by the time I got back I was locked out already! They are Greek, he likes to light up (cigarettes) in our house, she has the longest real nails I have ever seen, and they found us a washer and dryer within the last week. Also, they are slightly racist. But we get along swell, they call us "kids" and I couldn't be happier about the place Zach found.

So come visit us whenever you want! We have a great air mattress and I promise you'll wake up to the smell of bacon, since Reagan demands that almost on a daily basis. But for your information, we are a BYOP establishment. Bring your own pillow. And for that matter, make it sheets too.

Also, when I ask Zach to bring me a 9:30 snack why would he bring me a rice crispy treat? Does he know me at all? So I punched him-
(really, this is from baseball)
On his second chance he brought me oreos (plus milk) and remembered the fork... he was redeemed.

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