Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good Day

So I just called Zach and this is how it went.

Me: "Hey"

Zach: (weird noise, sounds like whining)

Me: "haha, that sounds like Reagan"

Zach: "It is"

In my head I quickly put two and two together and realized he had driven home and had picked up Reagan! What a total surprise... I'm supposed to leave for Kansas City to see him tomorrow night. Obviously those plans have now changed :)

See I'm one of those people who are really good at letting everything build up inside and then one little thing sets off a random, atomic, meltdown. The culmination of {life} caused a meltdown last night and I think Zach could tell I was stressing over ooooo.... moving, going to school, poms, work, taking care of Reagan-yet-feeling-guilty-for-not-being-with-Reagan-as-much-as-I-would-like. Anyway, he played the good sympathetic husband well and took the initiative to SAVE me!

I was going to save this picture for a couple weeks but since Zach's surprise put me in such a good mood I will do it now...

And for your viewing pleasure.... I present to you... me and two of my sometimes favorite people!

(The only reason this excites me is because Dan (left) is a GIANT. Now imagine Dan and I walking down the hall together, or me making some copies for him, or sitting in his specially-made chair and raised desk... because I do that sometimes)

*Sorry, I forgot to mention that these are two of my bosses, I sit right outside of their offices. And the other guy on the right is named David. Dan and David. And there is also Dar. So Dan, David & Dar. Lots of 'D's if you didn't notice.

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