Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Reagan as of late

When I talk to Zach I usually try to recap a few things Reagan had done that day to make him feel "in the loop." Recently, I've noticed that the things I'm telling him make Reagan sound like such a little boy. Not my little baby.

I just can't get over what a great little personality he has and I know Zach really misses it. Reagan just thinks he is the funniest person ever, and he's starting to pull pranks. For example when I get up out of a chair, he'll climb up in it and take up my spot. When I come back he has the orneriest look on his face, he knows exactly what he's doing!

He is also the most loving little boy, his game last night was that he and I would sit on opposite sides of the room. He would run as fast as he could and jump into my arms giving me a huge kiss (or bite, whatev) and then run as fast as he could back. We did this forever.

Now that most of our furniture is gone in the apartment, he rides this all over the place inside.


When I ask him to smile he makes these faces, hahaha. I suppose he thinks opening his mouth as wide as it can go is smiling?

I call this, "The Streaker"

And this, "Free Rider"

"Reagan what is that in your mouth?!?!?!"

And finally, this is a picture he has found of Zach and now he always makes sure it is in the same room he is in or in his crib when he sleeps. (It is one of Zach's football pictures from high school in case you wanted to know, in case you wanted to know)
The End.


em&ry said...

i LOVE the streaker!!!! ahhaha

Jenna said...

He's such a HAM!!! LOL Why do I think it's safe to say he takes after Dad in that category??? :-P

Ashley said...

Em- me too! My mom says she prefers "Free Rider" because it is a generational thing.

Jenna- You are dead on!